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Brand Specialist
Mickey Mehta

Foreseegame.com's concept of blending client engagement with brand building seems nothing less than a marvel of an innovation. Building up an engagement with about 40,000+ people within 3-4 weeks was simply astounding for me! I wish them great heights and look forward to working more with these young, but talented client centric foreseegamers!!

Himmath Jain

Foreseegame has helped us to get more traffic to the site. Well planned promos can give outstanding results.

Altamash Khan
Business Manager
Maxus For L'Oréal

It was a sheer pleasure working with foreseegame.com. they know the meaning of client service and it shows in response times and actions. The implementation team have been outstanding and it was truly a pleasure to work with you.

Gobinda Saha
Chief Executive
Seven Seas

Foreseegame.com is a newly innovated marketing tool to connect the focussed group in an interesting way of interaction. I think it would soon be very popular because it is entertaining for the prospective consumers to be in the process of interaction. The outcome is always is always satisfactory.

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foreseegame.com, Indiaʼs No. 1 innovative digital media of consumer engagement, is the ideal platform for two way communication and direct interaction between brands and consumers. foreseegame offer a win-win partnership between brands and consumers through entertainment, games, brand promotion, social responsibility and consumer satisfaction on a digital platform while providing concentrated consumer engagement for brands. foreseegame's focused consumer engagement plan provides the brands with undiluted consumer attention and helps building new customers.

foreseegame is a web and mobile-enabled platform where users can get themselves registered and play online games completely free of cost. The games vary widely in nature and playing those games requires knowledge, awareness and presence of mind. These are in fact, a mixed bag of fun, entertainment, knowledge and prediction-based games. The consumers can play as many games as they wish depending on their choice and preference. Each game is sponsored by a lucrative brand and the winners are gratified handsomely by the brands in the form of either cash or gift hampers, gift vouchers /discount coupons. The cash rewards get credited directly to the bank account of the consumers, while the vouchers & coupons may be redeemed from specified retail stores or through online. Gift hampers are delivered right at the doorsteps of the winners. It is an ample chance to win handsomely sitting at the comfort of one's home. So go ahead. Simply register yourself and start playing! Thousands of rewards await to be won!