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What is is a unique gaming portal based primarily on prediction. Users get a wide array of games distributed within various categories ranging from sports to reality shows, award functions to financial markets, weather to politics and current affairs and get a chance to win loads of prizes in the form of cash, discount voucher, gift hampers, entry passes for entertainments shows & award functions, etc. There are other categories like 'Opinion Square' and 'Feedback & Co-Creation' that deals with user's views and opinions on various issues, products & services. FREE Lottery on the other hand gives chance to our users to enjoy the fun and excitement of lottery in a virtual form and lets them win rewards in real form. Last but not the least, 'Social Responsibility' one of the most important category of gives users opportunity to contribute towards social causes through games on social responsibilities & awareness. There is another exciting concept of reward points in Reward points are given to those users who give correct answers but do not receive prize. A Gamebuddy can accumulate these Reward Points and can later redeem those points for prizes. Reward points get accumulated and can be redeemed against exciting offers.

How to play and win rewards in

To play games on, you first need to register yourself with the website. Once registered, you can then simply log on to the website and choose any game available and play. Each game is tagged with a sponsor and has an exciting offer to win. Users can play the games and win prizes from the sponsor. On playing a game, users have to wait till the result of that game gets declared. After result declaration, we intimate winners through SMS and email. Thereafter, users need to activate their rewards and redeem them accordingly.

Is it mandatory to get registered to play in

To play games on, getting registered with is mandatory

Is it a paid website? is absolutely FREE, there is no registration fee or membership charges. You can play any game any time for FREE.

Why do you send mobile verification code?

Mobile verification code is sent to maintain the uniqueness of any user and to check the authenticity of the user.

Is it possible to get registered without mobile verification?

No, it is not possible to get registered without mobile verification code. The sign-up process is incomplete without the mobile verification code.

System is not accepting my email id during registration, what to do?

If system does not accept your email id, this means that we already have one account with the same email id. We believe in uniqueness and allow one account against one email id.

System is not accepting my mobile number during registration, what is the reason?

If system does not accept your mobile number, this means that we already have one account with this mobile number. We believe in uniqueness and allow one account against one mobile number.

I have not received my mobile verification code? Should I try again?

If you have not received your mobile verification code, that means your registration process is incomplete. This can happen due to network problem. Hence, you wait for sometime and try again later.

Is there any authentication/verification process available with email ID?

No, we only use mobile verification process.

What about the privacy of my personal data like mobile number, email id?

We believe in maintaining complete privacy of our users. Hence, your personal details are safe and intact with

How to visit my profile page in

Log on to your account and then click on the 'profile' option located on the top of the right hand corner of the home page.

How to change my password?

You can change your password by clicking on “Profile” link then clicking the “Change Password” option.

What if I forget my Password?

Click on “Forgot Password” and you will receive an automated email to the email address provided by you. Then you can reset your password by logging in with the 'one time password' given by the system.

What if I forget my user id?

In case you forget your user id, you have to make fresh profile. does not have any option to reset user id.

How can I change my mobile number?

You can change your mobile number by clicking on “Profile”, then by clicking on the “edit profile” option.

How can I change my user ID?

You cannot change your user id.

Can I change my email ID?

No, changing of email id is not possible.

Can I put additional email id or mobile number?

No, you cannot put any additional email id or mobile number. allows only one email id and one phone number per user.

How to deactivate my profile?

It would be our great pleasure to have you with us. However, if you want to deactivate your profile then you have to Email us at from your registered email ID.

I can't log on to the site. My access has been blocked for feeding wrong password three times. What to do?

In case you feed wrong password thrice, the account gets blocked for 24 hours. After the specified period, you can again log on to your profile

Who is a gamebuddy in

All registered members of are called ‘Gamebuddy’.

How to know about the different on-going offers?

To know about product wise offers,click on 'games by product' and get the details. To know about the brand wise offers, you need to click on 'games by brand' and check the offers available from the brands.

How to search a particular game sponsored by a specific brand?

You can search a particular game sponsored by a particular brand by clicking on the 'games by brand' options available on the page header and then on the particular brand logo.

How to know about the offer detail of a particular game?

To know the detailed offer of a particular game, click on the game banner and then click on the 'play now' option. After landing on the game page, scroll down and click on the 'offer details' option and check the details on offer.

What is the duration of any Game in general?

The duration of prediction based games depend on the occurrence of the actual event. Games which are framed around opinions or views usually run for a fixed period of time. The expiry date of any game is visible on the game page itself.

When do results get declared?

Usually, results of prediction based games are published within 24 hours to 48 hours of the occurrence of the actual event. However, results of games based on opinion, views, causes or free lottery are published within 24 hours to 48 hours of game expiry.

When does the expiry date of a game changes?

Usually, expiry date of games does not change. However, our prediction based games depend on the occurrence of the event. Hence, any change in the game expiry date takes place only when there is any change in the occurrence of the actual event. We intimate our users via email whenever there is any change.

Why does sometime result declaration get delayed?

Result declaration of any prediction game gets delayed only when there is a delay in occurrence of the actual event. It also gets delayed due to the unavailability or delayed intimation of correct answers in the official or authentic sources.

How do I know about result declaration?

To know whether result of any game has been declared or not, all you need to do is log on to the website and click on 'profile' option. Thereafter, click ' game play history' and get the update on results.

How do you intimate the winners?

Winners are informed both via email and SMS.

How do I know about the new game launch?

The 'new game launch' emailer is sent on regular basis to all the registered users

How to unsubscribe the newsletter?

To unsubscribe newsletter, log on to your profile page, click on the edit profile option and deselect the ‘subscribe newsletter’ option.

What about my other communications, if I unsubscribe from the new game launch emailer?

Emails relating to winning, activation or voucher code will still be sent to user's email id even if they unsubscribe newsletter.

How do you ensure the authenticity of the results declared?

Results are declared on the basis of the occurrence of the actual event and from the official website or authentic sources of the event. Hence, users have all the chance to cross check it with the official website of the event. In addition to this, publishes correct answer of every game on their Facebook page.

What are the various modes of winner selection?

"We primarily follow 3 modes for selecting winners. The selection process of winners are completely system driven. The modes are as follows
1. Random Selection Process: Fixed number of winners are selected randomly by the system from all the correct entries.
2. First-In-First-Out: Fixed numbers of participants who have given correct answer are selected on the basis their answer submission time.
3. All Winners: All the correct entries are selected as winners.

We have three other modes for selecting the winners. They are as follows:
1. Majority Wins: Fixed number of winners are selected through system generated process on the basis of the maximum voted answer option.
2. Minority Wins: Fixed number of winners are selected through system generated process on the basis of the minimum voted answer option.
3. All Participants: Among all the participants, fixed number of winners are selected on the basis of their participation through a system generated process."

What is the process of prize distribution?

We follow system generated process for prize distribution.

How to check winning status and activate rewards?

To check the winning status, log on to the website. Thereafter, click on 'activate now' option appearing on the right hand side of the home page to check your winning status and activate your rewards. Alternatively, you can also check the same from your profile page through 'game play history' option.

How to check result status?

To check the result status, log on to the website and then click on the 'profile' option. After landing on the profile page, click on 'game play history' option. Thereafter, by selecting each status from the drop down option you can get your result status.

Why do games get abandoned?

Games based on prediction get abandoned due to non-occurrence of the actual event.

What kind of rewards/gratifications are available for the winners?

Rewards are in the form of reward vouchers, discount vouchers, cash rewards, gift hampers, certificate of gratitude, entry passes of entertainment shows & award functions and so on.

How to redeem the winning rewards?

Offers can be redeemed by visiting the respective stores. We also have offers that are redeemable through online portals.

What is the normal voucher code activation time?

The normal voucher code activation time is 7 days from result declaration date.

What if my voucher code gets expired?

On expiry of voucher code, activation of the reward will not be possible because this is sponsor dependant.

What is the normal offer redemption time?

Offer redemption time is sponsor dependent and is available in respective offer details.

How to check and select stores/outlet to avail the offer?

While activating rewards, store selection options comes

Can I gift my reward to someone?

Yes, reward vouchers, discount vouchers, celebrity meet, entry passes and gift hampers can be gifted.

How to intimate about the gift to the receiver?

We send system generated email and SMS to your selected person.

The store is not accepting the voucher. What to do?

In case the selected store does not accept the voucher for redemption, contact and we will look into the matter.

How will I get my Cash Reward?

Just provide us your bank account details while activating your Cash Reward and we will directly transfer your winning amount to your bank account via NEFT.

What is NEFT transfer?

NEFT stands for National Electronic Funds Transfer. This is the online banking process of transferring funds from one account to another bank. We follow this process to transfer winning amount to the winner's account.

What is IFS Code?

This a code required for online transaction. This code is available in a cheque leaf of the cheque book given by any bank. We need this code while transferring winning amount to the account of the winners.

Can I gift the cash reward?

No, option of gifting cash reward is not there in You can only gift reward vouchers, discount vouchers & gift hampers.

I have not received the cash reward. What to do about that?

In case, the cash is not transferred within 7 days of activation, contact We will look into the matter.

Can you issue cheque or cash payments? directly transfers your winning amount to your bank account via NEFT. We do not issue cheque or hand over cash directly to the winner.

How to collect Gift Hampers?

Gift hampers are often sent directly to the respective address of the winner. However, often winners need to collect it from the specified store also. This process is completely sponsor dependant.

Is there any delivery charge in case of Home Delivery?

There is no delivery charge for any kind of home delivery from

What if I do not receive the Gift Hamper?

In case you do not receive your gift hamper, kindly contact and we will look into the matter.

What if I receive the Gift Hamper in a damaged condition?

In case you receive damaged gift hamper, kindly contact and we will look into the matter.

What are the Reward Points?

You can win reward points on giving correct answer for a particular game. Reward points are given to those users who give correct answers but do not receive prize. A Gamebuddy can accumulate these Reward Points and can later redeem those points for prizes. Reward points get accumulated if they are not redeemed against offers.

Is there any expiry date of accumulated Reward Points?

No. there is no expiry date of accumulated reward points.

Where can I check my Reward point redemption offers?

You can check your earned points by visiting your profile page. Click on 'Reward point Redemption offers' and check all the available offers.

Where to check my Reward point status?

To check your reward point status, log on to the website and click on the 'profile' option. Thereafter, click on the 'point statement' to check the detailed status of reward points.

How to redeem Reward Points?

As you log on to your profile, you can view your reward point status. Click on ‘view details’ and from there you can click on ‘Redeem’ button and select your offer.

Can I gift reward Points?

No, you cannot gift reward points. However, you can gift your offer after redeeming your reward points.

I am not satisfied with available rewards. Is there any other gratification available? is a platform and gratification of any game is sponsor dependant.

I am not satisfied with the reward point redemption offers. is a platform where users get to play various games and win rewards from various sponsors tagged with the games. Offers attached with the games are sponsor dependant.

I want only cash against reward point redemption. How to go for it?

Reward points can be redeemed against the offers available for redemption. You can redeem your reward points for cash whenever cash reward is available against reward points. Same like games, reward point redemption offers are also sponsor dependant.

What is a referral program?

Through Referral program you can refer your near and dear ones to register in and can win rewards defined for the referral programme.

How to refer friends and relatives?

To refer someone to, you first need to log on to the website and go to profile page. Click on the 'invite your friends' option, enter email ids of your referred persons and click on validate option. After validation process gets completed, enter your message in the message box (optional) and click on the 'invite' option. If your invitation is valid you get a display message stating 'successful invitation' and this ends the whole process.

What is my benefit if I refer someone?

Your each valid reference to will bring you closer to attractive rewards.

How the referral system works?

Through Referral program you can refer your near and dear ones to register in and in turn can win attractive prizes. There is a scheme with a particular time frame for referring any person to Every registration within the given timeframe would be considered valid. Count of referred registration has been segregated into blocks. Completion of at least one block is necessary for being eligible for the reward. Completing two or more blocks will make one eligible for rewards which will be multipliers of single block reward.

Still having questions?

Contact us at

Solutions for Sponsors FAQ section:-

  1. What is
    1. is an innovative digital media of consumer engagement.
    2. It is India’s first digital platform which provides continual engagement between brands and consumers which leads to increasing market share
    3. It is a value innovation in digital brand promotion and marketing media. This unique new age platform provides a two way engagement and a win-win partnership through direct interactions between brands and consumers
    4. The brand shares its values with its consumers through continual engagement with consumers in terms of entertainment, friendship; prize winning and care spirit, hence creating an emotional connect. This result in consumers becoming the friend of brands and further into a brand ambassador
    5. It is a cost effective, transparent, measurable digital media which provides full accountability of all brand spend
    6. This revolutionary platform has the potential to redefine the branding and marketing efforts of marketers
    7. Foreseegame has rolled out its mobile version and provides unique opportunity to engage the consumers through mobile games and communication

  2. How foreseegame creates consumer engagements?

    The engagement media has the following channels running for engagement through games on:

    1. Thrilling prediction
    2. Free lottery
    3. Audio, Video and Television commercials
    4. Feedback and co-creation
    5. Opinions and surveys
    6. Birthday and zodiac signs.
    7. Target groups, such as, location, age and gender
    8. Social responsibility participation
    9. Treasure Hunt – Integration with Facebook page and websites of partner brands
    10. Integration with on-ground promotional activities
    11. Integration with advertisements on TV, Radio, Newspapers and other traditional media
    12. Integration with social media and mobile platform
    13. Direct communication
    14. Partners’ brands and products

    Please visit our website and download the full presentation describing the working methodology of this media.

  3. What are the key advantages of a brand’s association with foreseegame?

    Key Advantages of foreseegame are as under -

    1. A blue ocean media, to add minimum 2 Lac customers by engaging minimum 10 Lac consumers in a year.
    2. Cost effective
    3. It is the only media which covers the full cycle of engagement by providing solution of rich engagement, testing the product and ultimately making the consumer an emotionally connected person with the brand
    4. This media provides a focused consumer engagement. Brands stand to gain undiluted consumer attention towards its products and offerings by the way of fun-filled interaction.
    5. It provides significant and long-lasting top of the mind brand recall.
    6. Constant engagement with brands excites consumers to test the product and ultimately become the customer of the brand.
    7. It provides a tangible and accountable reach and the last mile approach for a definitive Return on Investment (ROI)
    8. It integrates the reach of traditional and digital social media with effective engagement
    9. The 360 degree coverage of the channels provides revolutionary media opportunity, such as showing video and putting audio in the language of consumers with brand relevance, participation of consumers in social responsibility programmes of the brands and co-creation and feedback to make it a two-way communication tool. The breakthrough channel of Opinion Square can give authentic survey in time-bound manner with authentic data on age, gender and location.
    10. The only media where the consumers are identified by unique identity of mobile number with age, gender and location, thus providing a target engagement.
    11. This media provides digital solutions both on internet and mobile communication
    12. Some of the major brands have already partnered with us.
    13. The brand shares its values with its consumers in terms of entertainment, friendship, prize winning and care spirit, and thus the consumers become the Friends of the Brands.
    14. The process and system are full-proof with latest technology and are being regularly audited by auditor of international repute.
    15. It is legally validated both in terms of operative laws and laws of intellectual property by the lawyers of international repute
    16. It is being run and managed by the high skilled team of human resources having the best engineering, creative, marketing and management expertise.
    17. The server is being hosted by Netmagic, one of the best server management companies of India ensuring high speed, zero downtime experience.
    18. Adequately covered by newspaper, television and digital media.

  4. What is unique about

    a. integrates two basic and inherent motivation of the consumers i.e.,

    1. The desire to predict the outcome of events
    2. The desire to voice their opinion, which is taken cognisance of, and valued
    3. It also empowers the consumers to have fun and get gratified at the same time
    4. Removes the fear of losing from the minds of a consumer and lets him enjoy the thrill of prediction

  5. What exactly is Unique Consumer Engagement and how does FSG do that?

    a. Unique Consumer Engagement means the unduplicated buddies (consumers) getting engaged with a brand. This Unique Consumer Engagement is provided on FSG platform as any particular game on the portal cannot be played by the same consumer more than once (Unique). Hence the total participation of consumers in a particular campaign/game is only once

  6. How is it different from -
    1. Deal Sites
    2. Couponing sites
    3. Game sites like Contest2win, etc.
      1. Unlike gaming sites which provides simply the gaming experience to a user, Foreseegame provides a complete cycle of consumer engagement, which initiates with the interaction between brand and consumer, creating top of the mind brand recall through continual engagement, enhancing the aspirational value of the brands through the deep desire of consumer to win the rewards and ultimately converting a consumer into brand’s customer by bringing him to taste your product
      2. Deal and Coupon sites create transaction-based loyalty between brands and consumers. The loyalty point program in these sites may be termed as earn and burn programs. On deal site everyone gets the same offer from the brands i.e. discount and other offers. Consumer can pick any offer from a competing brand depending on his objective of purchase. However, Foreseegame, the process of sale is replaced by the pride of winning. One gets better offer but "one need to earn it, here comes the engagement and involvement". We promote the aspirational value of your product
      3. A big advantage of foreseegame is that it also provides engagement for games centered around your brands/products etc. you can effectively connect with consumers through campaigns based around your products, TV/audio jingles, product feedback, new product lines, know the aspirations of consumers toward your product category through our survey study platform ‘Opinion Square’ etc. Such effective form of engagement is only unique to

  7. Isn’t playing games of prediction = Betting/Gambling? How is FSG different? Is it legit?
    1. A contest can be termed as betting when the participant needs to pay for predicting a future outcome. Thus, he stands to lose his investment.
    2. FSG doesn’t have a payment gateway hence there cannot be any stakes involved from the consumers. Here he only needs to participate for free and win loads of prizes. This makes FSG 100% legit.
    3. The legalities of FSG have been wetted by top law firms and senior retired Judges from India. Renowned legal firm M/S Amarchand Mangaldas are our advisors

  8. What is the demographic of the user base of
    1. Today foreseegame has established a Pan India presence along with an effectively penetration in the Tier II and III cities of India
    2. Our pan India active user base in more than two lakh strong
    3. We are growing at a rate of 20% m-o-m. At this growth rate we are confident of crossing ten lakh active registered user base in one year period

  9. Why does a user register for
    1. Prediction is an addiction in people. The thrill of prediction and the benefits of winning awesome rewards from the brands for free attracts the consumer to this platform
    2. The pride of winning is a big motivator for people to participate
    3. Casual gaming is the fastest growing section in the digital media space today. Foreseegame, with its mobile app. and desktop connectivity provides a perfect platform to enjoy the yet unexplored arena of thrilling prediction based games to the casual gamers
    4. We also have a section called ‘free lottery’ where in people can participate and win attractive prizes including cash without the fear of losing his/her hard earned money

  10. What are the marketing and promotional plans for FSG
    1. Extensive digital promotions
    2. Brand Integration during various college fests to target youth
    3. Various Office complex activities to target young earning Indians
    4. Print promotions
    5. Telecast of’s TV Commercials across all INOX multiplex screens across India
    6. Upcoming India’s first digital contest to select models through Foreseegame Mr. & Ms. India contest
    7. Extensive integrations and promotions during major regional festivals like Ganapati Puja, Durga Puja, Onam etc.

  11. We don’t offer discounts. How can FSG help us engage with consumers?
    1. Foreseegame is not about distributing discounts, but providing attractive rewards
    2. A discount here is a reward that you are sharing only with a select set of consumers who come to engage with your brands and are the winners out of it. It is not a vanilla offer to all and sundry.
    3. There is also an option of rewarding the consumers (winners) by providing a gift hampers/ product samplings which are not classified are discounts.

  12. How the coupon does get redeemed and how does a brand come to know about the same?
    1. We have a very robust back end process. Once the winners are declared there is an activation process of coupon with TAT. We inform the client the details of the winners who have activated their coupons and are ready to redeem.

  13. What is my ROI?
    1. We plan to create a minimum of ten lakh consumer engagements and provide you with two lac consumers over a period of one year. For this you need to closely work with

  14. What are the commercial aspects of sponsoring game(s) on FSG?
    1. Kindly get in touch with our office for details. We would be pleased to meet you and customize a solution for your brand

  15. When has started its operations
    1. platform was launched in month of March 2013

  16. Who are the promoters of
    1. is brought to you by Microsec Technologies Ltd. (a 100% subsidiary of Microsec Enterprises)
    2. The enterprise was founded by Mr. B L Mittal (chairman) & Mr. R.K.Sharma (MD & CEO). Today, the group employs more than 800 people.
    3. For further details, please visit

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